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Iconic Garden Show Fire Presenters

7 Dec

Leonora! Beatrice! Whilst I know that we are all gripped by the devastingly yet compelling drama unfolding on Weatherfield’s cobbles, I must tell you of more awful news. Gardeners World has revealed that not only is Monty Don returning to replace Toby Buckland, but that our dear Alys Fowler has also been dropped from the show. I know Beatrice, reach for the gin, it’s appalling. What will we do without Alys and Toby?

Pass the gin, Toby & Alys have been cut

I cannot truly say that I’m not happy that Monty is making a return, after all, I was pretty unconsolable when he left the show in 2008. However, Toby took the reign in his hands and I thought did extremely well over the past few years. Alys, well what can I say, we all love her to bits! The only silver lining from this is that dear Carol Klein is to return, though why the BBC didn’t scrap imbecile Swift and keep Toby on causes one to wonder. All things change I suppose, but what with life on the cobbles falling apart and now this I think we may need to bulk buy gin for the ensuing week.



Period Drama for the Festive Season

5 Dec

I have the most exciting news! There is to be new period drama for Christmas Leonora and Beatrice! Whilst I was hoping for a marvellous return of Dame Judi Dench as Cranford’s Mattie Jenkins, I’m afraid my daring hope hasn’t been fulfilled. However, the BBC have revealed that Cranford writer Heidi Thomas is to reignite that iconic series Upstairs, Downstairs!

Returning to our screen for three hour long episodes, the first will aire on BBC ONE, Boxing Day. Original character parlour maid Rose (Jean Marsh) has risen through the ranks to housekeeper and now has a brand new collection of staff to help run her 1936 household. Keeley Hawes will be playing Lady Agnes, lady of the house. She’s that one from Spooks Beatrice, you know, the original woman from the first series and the No’7 actress who acted with Lady Shropshire’s son. And you know how we both love Spooks, even though you fall asleep without fail at the very crux of an episode!

I simply cannot wait. After the delectable Downton Abbey, which thankfully has been commissioned for a second series, we now have this wonderful iconic entertainement to settle down to after turkey and pudding. Dame Eileen Atkins will be Lady Maud Holland, Ed Stoppard as Sir Hallam Holland, and Claire Foy, the lead from Little Dorrit, Lady Persephone Towyn.

I know I could enjoy a festive marathon of previous drama in my collection – Little Dorrit, Bleak House, Pride and Prejudice, Cranford, and by a mix up of Christmas presents I now also own Downton Abbey – but I simply cannot wait for Upstairs, Downstairs. It’ll go marvellously with cheese and port.

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