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5 Dec

Algenon you must see this marvellous video clip a friend sent to me. Most uplifting! Bea.


Wheat-free Baking

1 Dec

Leonora dearest I am distraught.

I have nearly finished the beremeal I brought back from my jaunt to Scotland this summer with the  gun dog. I found this wonderful flour made from a type of primative barley,  just perfect for Bunny and her wheat allergy. I’ve been making this lovely recipe with apple, a sort of  sultana fruit cake. I am going to make one of these cakes for the weekend but then my stock will be gone and I have just gone on the website for Barony Mills in the Orkneys and they don’t seem to supply it on the internet and the other supplier Golspie Mill in Sutherland is “out of stock until further notice”. What am I to do?

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